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Welcome to the splendid new SOPHI blog, where you’ll find out about all the amazing work that’s currently underway by world-class researchers and educators in our assorted and related academic departments and disciplines. 
Professor Keith Dobney
Immerse yourself in ideas that can change lives, as well as the way we think and do things. Explore our latest discoveries by reading and hearing about our many research projects. Get engrossed in the current debates and differing opinions through the lens of our diverse academic and student body and find out more about student experiences and contributions to all of these areas of our work.
If subjects like archaeology, classics and ancient history, philosophy, gender and cultural studies or history get you excited, then you’ll find a wealth of news, views and information here to make you hungry for more. So join us on the SOPHI blog.

Listen to SOPHI’s Head of School Professor Keith Dobney‘s interview with local radio SER on the value of studying Arts and Humanities
Think: Business Futures – Degree or Not Degree
(Recorded Tuesday 23 June 2020)

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Archaeologists in Focus

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