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SOPHI – the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry – brings together experts in archaeology, classics and ancient history, gender and cultural studies, history, and philosophy.

This new ‘SOPHI talks’ initiative aims to bring their ideas to wider audience. Find out more about the research happening in our School.

Chau Chak Wing Museum

Featured talks


Dr Patrick Faulkner is part of a team who unearthed the 78,000 year-old burial of “Mtoto”, a child of 2.5 – 3 years: the oldest human burial in Africa.

Working with a team of researchers from Kenya, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States, Patrick Faulkner studied the burial. ‘Our results, published in Nature, reveal valuable insights into human cultural evolution, including how Middle Stone Age populations interacted with the dead 78,000 years ago’.


Agata Calabrese (Archaeology)

“Experiencing the dead: GIS and the Phenomenology of Funerary Practice”

Seminar for CAA Australasia | Sep 13, 2020

Torres Strait Islanders cultivated bananas for thousands of years, archaeologist proves
Robert Williams, lead researcher of the ANU team and Kambri-Ngunnawal man – and now PhD candidate in the SOPHI’s Department of Archaeology – says the findings help dispel the view that Australia’s First Peoples didn’t farm or cultivate the land.
ABC Drive: 8 minutes 22 seconds

Earliest evidence of Indigenous communities cultivating bananas uncovered
The findings – published in this week’s Nature journal – add to a growing body of work challenging the view that Australia’s first peoples were only “hunter gatherers”.
Robert Williams, Indigenous archaeologist and PhD candidate in SOPHI’s Department of Archaeology
ABC Radio National – Breakfast 7 minutes 27 seconds


Sabine Selchow, (Sydney University Laureate Research Program in International History) as part of a panel.
Syria Today: Syrian economy and Sanctions
ABC Radio National – A Foreign Affair

Dr Sophie Chao (History) interviewed by Christine Winter (SSPS)
Episode 1 of The Re-(E)mergence of Nature in Culture series
May 7 2020
Multi-Sensory Mapping with the Marind People
(Sydney Environment Institute Podcast)

Professor Robert Aldrich and Associate Professor Cindy McCreery
May 7 2020
Monarchies really aren’t as simple as we think
(‘Hour of Power’ podcast: become an expert in an hour)

Professor Glenda Sluga (History)
Community of Sydney Panel
April 3 2020
Covid-19: global implications for the response and recovery

Professor Glenda Sluga

Laureate Research Program in International History
March 27, 2020
A conversation with Professor Glenda Sluga
Multilateralism, internationalism, and our capacity to imagine a better world
(‘The Next Page’ – Podcasts from the United Nations)

Gender and Cultural Studies

Professor Elspeth Probyn
Elspeth Probyn reveals why nature doesn’t have to be cute or sexy for us to care.
Conversation with East Side FM Radio 89.7
(Podcast 27 minutes 35 seconds)

Fish, Sand, Sea Snails – Why Little Things Matter

Professor Meaghan Morris
Conversation on martial arts, violence, media and culture,
with Professor Meaghan Morris.
Interview with Dr Sixt Westzler (Martial Arts Studies)
June 2020

Length: 41 minutes 37 seconds


Associate Professor Luke Russell
New Books Network podcast series
Being Evil: A Philosophical Perspective (Oxford University Press, 2020)
(Podcast: 1 hour 4 minutes)

Professor Moira Gatens
Challis Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sydney
First aired on Wednesday 5 August 2020
Special guest on ABC Radio National’s The Minefield:
What’s the value of philosophy
(Podcast: 49 minutes 57 seconds)

Dr Dalia Nassar
First aired on Wednesday 13 May 2020
Special guest on ABC Radio National’s The Minefield:
Is there a moral case against the COVID-19 “shutdown”?
(Podcast: 44 minutes 55 seconds)