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SOPHI runs regular research seminars and lectures. You will find a selection of them here.
Please note: Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on campus events at the University, we will be running our seminar series using Zoom. 

History of University Life seminar series

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University Education is a Pathway to Employment

Seminar held 24 June 2020
Running time 53 minutes 25 seconds


International Students and Australian Universities

Seminar held 5 August 2020
Running time 1 hour, 1 minute, 22 seconds

Can the humanities and social sciences survive the Covid crisis?

Held live broadcast 23 September 2020
Length: 1 Hour 1 Minute and 53 Seconds

This webinar explores the importance of the humanities and social sciences for our collective prosperity. Panellists Professor Joy Damousi, President, Australian Academy of the humanities, Professor Jane Hall, President, Australian Academy of the Social Sciences, and Michael Goodman, The University of Sydney, critique the current Commonwealth proposal for ‘job ready’ graduates and look back to past government interventions for what they tell us about the place of the humanities and social sciences in modern Australia. Chaired by Associate Professor Julia Horne, co-convenor of History of University Life.

History of University Life: Higher Education Reform – Where to now?

It is now 30 years since the last major Commonwealth reform of Australia’s higher education system. This webinar examines the current relationship between the Commonwealth and public universities and explores the idea of higher education reform as a social and public good.

Panellists: Professor Glyn Davis AC, Associate Professor Tamson Pietsch and Ren-Hao Xu. Chaired by Dr Matthew A.M. Thomas.

Live Broadcast 14 October 2020.


Classics and Ancient History seminars

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The Third Lifecycle of Philokleon in Aristophanes’ Wasps

Seminar held on 8 May 2020
Running Time: 51 Minutes 6 Seconds

Poor Offerings by Late Antique Peasants: Evidence for Pagan Ritual in Post-Constantinian North Africa

Seminar held on 23 April 2020

46 mins 38 seconds

Gender and Cultural Studies seminar series

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GCS thumbnail

Gender and Cultural Studies seminars can be found on the Department’s YouTube Channel